Grow Your Cybersecurity Business with a Partner Who's Been in Your Shoes

Founded and led by a 4-time cybersecurity marketing leader, we'll apply the same creativity, resourcefulness, and persistence that resulted in 2 acquisitions to help you overcome your unique growth challenges

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We Work Alongside Cybersecurity Marketers To Grow Awareness, Inbounds, and Pipeline
Leverage content to build authority, inbounds, and pipeline. We’ll help you strategize, create, and repurpose content using words, videos, audio, graphics, and all their permutations to maximize your content ROI
Drive people already searching for your solutions to your web properties. We manage Google Ads and Microsoft Ads, and create conversion-focused landing pages to ensure your visitors’ expectations are met
Get discovered more easily by your potential customers when they look for the solution you offer online. We optimize your content, and help you build your website’s authority so you get discovered more easily
Brandon Hoe is the founder of Elevating Cyber. He was the marketing leader at 4 early stage cybersecurity companies, 2 of which were acquired. He was the only marketer at the latter two, and the hands-on experience he gained from operating a growth and content marketing agency for over a decade prior to that enabled him to help these companies to go from having zero real marketing to exits.

He started Elevating Cyber to help his fellow cybersecurity marketers fill in gaps in their marketing. Whether your team is overwhelmed, you have a gap in coverage that you can't hire a full time employee for, you need specific expertise on a challenge, or you want to scale your content marketing efforts and need the additional support, Elevating Cyber is positioned to help you as an extension of your team
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The Things That Make Us Unique
100% Focused on Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity marketing is tough because the people with the purchasing authority are constantly bombarded with sales attempts. We continually work to figure out how to market in a way that respects your potential buyers while growing your pipeline
Intentionally Small, So We Can Deliver Big
Big results, that is. We take on a limited number of clients, and support them with experienced subject matter experts so that we can continually deliver to your expectations
Practitioner-led, Empathy-driven
Our founder, a 4-time cybersecurity marketing leader, is both strategist and account manager. He understands your challenges, and will relieve your burden by being a contributing member of your team
Holistic Approach to Driving Inbounds
Content, SEO, SEM, and social augment each other through  a delicate and interconnected web. We help you weave that web to grow awareness, inbounds and pipeline
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